7 ways to meet people when travelling to London

Arriving in a new country can be breath taking, invigorating and very exciting with so many new things to experience. If you are travelling alone the first thing to do is to meet some new friends to share your time with. But what if nerves get in the way and you’re just not sure how to go about making friends? Here are 7 easy ways to socialise and make the best of your time abroad.
Meet people travelling to London

Stay in a hostel

Sharing a room with random strangers might not be everyone’s idea of fun. But a hostel stay has more advantages than just saving you money. Hostels are full of other travellers who want to meet people too! So whether you’re looking for a travel buddy or something more romantic, staying in a hostel will bring you in contact with people from all over the world.

Go on a tour

Hit the streets on foot or join a bike tour of the city. Walking, cycle or bus tours are all geared towards travellers and people who are enthusiastic to see the sights. On many tours there will be a lunch break and a chance to mingle with others in your group. Breaking the ice is easy when you have something in common to talk about. So pick your favourite sight and see what others have to say.

Wash your clothes

It might sound funny but spending a few hours in a laundrette can be a very social experience! Travellers often don’t have a washing machine to hand and you’ll be surprised how many people hang out in these places. Sharing washing powder or watching the machines go round together can lead to interesting chats. So grab a book and an open mind and get friendly in the suds.
Wash your clothes in Laundrette

Go to a museum

Museums often have free entry in many big cities. If you’re in London you can head to the Tate Modern to look at contemporary art or the National Gallery for a taste of the Renaissance. People often go to museums on their own to spend time drawing or thinking. Art works inspire conversation and are a great way to share your opinions.

Get a job

Working in a bar or cafĂ© is the best way to meet other people. Choose a place you like, whether busy, arty or sleek and get yourself a job. Working with others means developing a relationship and work mates often head out after a shift to relax together. If you’re interested in Asian dating, working in a restaurant could open the door to different cultures. If you’re shy, a social workplace is a great confidence booster.

Chase up contacts

If you met someone on a dating website such as http://www.eharmony.com.au/ or perhaps you have the number of a friend of a friend from back home, don’t be afraid to call. Get in touch with people you know and go out for a drink. When you first start travelling try to be as open minded as possible. You never know whom you might meet through someone else and where things could lead.
Chase up contacts

Be spontaneous

Going somewhere new is all about the adventure, right? Don’t be afraid to change your original plans and say yes to spontaneous invites. In London but want to go to Wales? Then hop on the train and go for it. There are always new places to visit and new people to meet. Travelling by train, car or bus offers the chance to meet other people and share your ideas and experiences.

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