5 tips for combining business and leisure in London

Sometimes getting out of the office makes you more effective, whether it’s because things are too hectic or you just need to change your environment. Heading for a place where you can relax and get on with business too can give you a new perspective and lead to making clearer decisions. In the past this was difficult as it may have been tricky for people to get hold of you, but with today’s communication technology it’s simple. When you’re in London you can work from pretty much anywhere and in this guide you can read about 5 tips for combining business and leisure in the city.

London skyline

Make sure you’re organised

Wherever you’re planning on going to work, the first tip is to make sure you get organised! Make sure you’ve got everything you need and you have let the necessary people know you’re heading out and how to contact you. Once you’ve got all of that sorted you can relax and get your work done away from the office.

Take your business to a London gym

There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a workout and still keep on top of your business correspondence. Make sure you have a mobile with you so you can check your emails and take any important calls.

Then you can sit down with your post workout shake, use the gym’s internet connection to get back to anyone who’s called, and keep on top of things. A tip here is to keep your work-time gym sessions short – that way you won’t be keeping anyone waiting too long.

Make calls while you sip coffee in Kensington

Find yourself a chic coffee shop in Kensington and set yourself up. Nearly all coffee shops in London will have an internet connection, so there’s no reason why you should ever miss a call. This is the time for you to sip on a latte, reflect on your day but still be contactable for anyone who needs you. The biggest tip here is to check the internet connection and find yourself a quiet spot in the corner – that way you can talk to any business associates who call without disruption. VoIP business phone plans are a cost effective solution if you want flexibility and to keep your communication costs down.

Work in a riverside bar by the Thames

Head for the South Bank or somewhere a bit further out like Richmond and pitch up in a tranquil bar. The atmosphere, sounds of the water and refreshing soft drink will help you clear your head and get work done. The best advice here is obvious: don’t drink alcohol while you’re working! London bars more often than not have internet connection, so as long as you visit them during quiet times of the day there’s no reason why people can’t get hold of you and you should still be productive.

Mobile hotel offices in London

hotel office

If you’re visiting London or working late in a different part of town it’s best to find a good hotel. Hotel rooms make great mobile offices, and as long as there’s an internet connection you can get on with plenty of the work you’d normally do in the office.

By following some of the above suggestions, you can give yourself a refreshing change of scenery and still get on with your work as usual. It’s a good idea to look into VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) – these systems are great for conducting business when you’re out of the office. By using a VoIP provider, calls are routed via the internet, giving you the flexibility to be mobile.

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