Why Students Choose London

It would be impossible to fully explain why London is such a cool city to study in. All the students who come here seem to have different reasons for choosing London as their study-abroad option. Here’s a short write-up of some of the more popular reasons why students have been coming to London for centuries.

Historical Appeal

Grave of Shakespeare

To visit the theatre and see a Shakespearean play performed in English is equivalent to reading the poetry of Neruda in Spanish – it brings an authenticity to the experience that a translation cannot convey. Students come to London to study English for the history, culture and tradition of the language. When you walk in the footsteps of Chaucer, Dickens, Blake, Yeats and Eliot, every day serves as motivation to improve your grasp on the language.


Home to the most-watched football league, the most popular tennis tournament and a grand prix event, England – and London in particular – is a sports fan’s dream. In addition to watching sports, London students can also take advantage of all the excellent facilities that are available throughout the city. Every district of London offers sports clubs that avid players can join, making it easy for them to keep up their favourite hobbies.


As a developed country with an organised and capable police force, London is a safe city to visit. Carrying firearms is illegal and the English take human rights very seriously. As long as you stay vigilant, your time in London will be an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

It’s a melting pot

When walking along the streets of London, you hear languages from all reaches of the world. People have been migrating to the city for centuries, and as a result London has taken on a cosmopolitan identity in which every person can feel comfortable. Students studying in London find it easy to make friends with whom they can share their interests, hobbies and experiences.

Cool factor

London DJ

As a by-product of its diversity, London has become home to a comprehensive collection of subcultures. Whether you are a gothic rocker or a hipster poet, London has a hangout for you. The broad range of after-hour activities available to students makes London a popular study-abroad option. For students who visit the city to study English London is a giant playground with endless opportunities to have fun.

Strong education tradition

Oxford University

You need only mention the words Oxford and Cambridge to illustrate how serious the English are about education. People – native English speakers included – have been coming to England for centuries to study the language in its birthplace. Many students are drawn to England because they want to become part of this excellent tradition.

Modern approach to education

The English-teaching institutions in London have inherited this education tradition and they continue to contribute towards it. London language institutes, such as St George International (www.stgeorges.co.uk), strive to provide first-rate education to the students who enrol at their schools. Foreign students flock to London for classes, as the quality of the education offered in the city meets a high international standard.

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