Culture & Entertainment

One of Europe’s gems when it comes to culture and entertainment is the city of London. Everyone who wishes to witness these grand sights in London are sure to be awed. London culture and entertainment which includes music, dance, theatre, festivals, museums and art galleries can range from contemporary to old school.

Glam and art are very evident in London’s South Bank Centre where you’ll see both the Royal Festival Hall and Queen Elizabeth Hall. A few blocks away are the well-known Globe Theatre and National Theatre. For those inspired by art, visit the Tate Modern, Hayward Gallery, and Tate Britain.
Victoria and Albert Museum

Museums in London are usually the best spots to see and appreciate London culture. There are a lot of great museums in this part of the world. Considerably grandest in all of London is the British Museum situated in Bloomsbury in central London. But interesting enough to visit as well are the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum.


The London culture and entertainment scene is also characterized by art galleries visited by visitors and London people themselves. Choices include the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square and the Royal Academy of Arts in Piccadilly. Aside from the British Museum, central London also has the Barbican Centre and the Royal Albert Hall which are popular venues for performances.

London culture and entertainment ranges from traditional music halls to state-of-the-art IMAX cinemas. But for a vacationer, West End theatres are a must-see. Jazz clubs are also great hangout places. You won’t be bored on your Fridays and Saturdays if you head for Soho or Covent Garden where you can enjoy a tasty meal in a London restaurant. Young people usually come to these London entertainment hubs for a drink or for that big night out, but the place is relatively safe despite the thick crowd.