Many people from around the world dream of traveling to London. It is not surprising why it is a popular destination. It is a lively metropolis, gifted with rich history, tradition and culture. London also has a dynamic contemporary business, cultural, educational, and recreational life. If you want to have an experience of a lifetime, visit London. Below are some of the most interesting information about London :

  • London is the largest city in Europe.
  • London would be the 8th largest country in the continent if it was a country.
  • The city is the seat of the central government in Great Britain.
  • The city occupies more than 620 square miles.
  • London’s 7.5 million people account for about 12.5% of the UK population.
  • London is a diverse city, with about 30.7% of the city’s population belong to non-white ethnic groups.
  • London is densely populated, the highest in Britain, with almost 4,700 people per square km.
  • The Canary Wharf Tower is the tallest building in the city.
  • London is known for having the first underground railway in the world, called the “Tube”.
  • There are more than 100 theatres in the city, including 50 theaters in the West End.
  • Interesting London information: Buckingham Palace was originally the site of a notorious brothel.
  • Greater London has more then 600 square miles of roads and more than 50 High Streets. Interestingly, Central London traffic moves at the same average speed as it did way back in 1911.
  • london-tube

  • People speak more languages in London compared to any other city in the world – people speak more than 300 languages!
  • London was the first city in the world to have an underground railway, known as the ‘Tube”.
  • The Millennium Wheel or the London Eye is Europe’s tallest ferris wheel.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Big Ben does not refer to the tower or the clock. It is the name of the 13-ton bell inside the clock.
  • Thames River is England’s longest river.
  • windsor-castle

  • The 1666 Great Fire of London brought cataclysmic devastation, which caused major reconstruction.
  • Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest castle in the world that’s still in use.