When to visit London?

They say London is always wet. Well, ignore what you’ve been told. This vibrant city is not always gray and gloomy. While it is very true that the weather in the city can be quite fickle, every season has its own charm. So, when to go to London?

London weather myths

It rains, yes, but you will hardly ever get a true heavy downpour. Rain is heaviest in london-rainNovember, about 2 1/2 in. British temperatures range from -1° to 43°C (30° to 110°F), but they rarely drop below 2°C (35°F) or go above 26°C (78°F). Evenings in London are cool all year round, even in summer.

Take note that the English, whose chilliness are considered to be wholesome, want to have their thermostats about 10°F below what Americans could tolerate. Central heating systems in London hotels are usually kept above goose bump, or “goose pimple” in Britspeak, margin.

Get ready to party

Summer is when London truly shows its color since the days are long and the temperatures are pleasant. There are also many open air events like outdoor theatre in Regents Park, music festivals in Hyde Park, the heart-pumping Wimbledon Tennis tournament, and the famous Notting Hill Carnival. All of these will give you a party mood to your visit to London.

Avoid the tourist crowds

Traditionally, Spring and Autumn seasons are way quieter. You will still find lots of things to keep you entertained when you go to London at this time. Spring sees some of the city’s important sporting events like the Oxford versus Cambridge Boat Race and the London Marathon. In Autumn you can attend the Lord Mayor’s Festival or the London Film Festival.

Avoid peak seasons if you’re after the bargains

When to get to London to avoid tourist crowd and have great bargains?  If you want to find the best prices and also the shortest queues, then travel to London during the Spring or Autumn seasons. In general, rates increase between mid-March and early June. Rates then reach their peak in travel seasons between early June and late September and throughout December.

Additionally, July and August are the months when most London people take their holidays, so in addition to higher prices, you will need to deal with tourist crowds as well as limited availability of accommodations.

Get romantic

When to get to London to experience some romance? The vivacious London transforms into a romantic city in winter. The days in London during this season may be short, but the city is wonderfully illuminated, especially on the major shopping streets like Regent Street and Oxford Street. London shopping spots are very popular for their spectacular Christmas lights. The Natural History Museums and outdoor ice skating rinks at Somerset House have become a great addition to winter in the city.