A lot of people across the globe may have included London in their list of places to fly to. With the city’s authentic English art, architecture, fashion, and food, who wouldn’t want to experience the perks London has to offer. Read on to get an idea when planning your London itineraries.

What to do in London? In just three days, you can do a lot in this fair city. You may want to try to get the Beefeater to laugh. Good luck to you on that. Or perhaps you saint-pauls-cathedralcan scour the entirety of Portobello Road for that hard-to-find Elvis Costello single. Or get to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral to get a better view of nearby areas.

And like any other activity, getting started is always the hard part. You may be itching to get some pictures of Big Ben or Buckingham Palace but it’s best to leave them in the meantime and savor them later. A good spot to begin your tour of the city is the London Underground or the Tube which is considered the oldest metro system in the world. The Tube was built in 1863.

If you’re the type who is into politics, you might find the clocktower in the Houses of Parliament an interesting sight. This is where London’s legislative process happens. After seeing the legislature in action, you might want to get a glimpse of the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.

In London stands two grand symbols of English spirituality and these are the Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral. These structures are two of the most marvelous architectural masterpieces in history. The Tower of London, which is older than the two churches, also puts people in awe with its Norman walls and chilly prison chambers.

If there is something that must not be missing in your London itineraries is a visit of London markets. The most famous for antiques is the Portobello Road. During Saturdays, Portobello Road is a place where you find odd yet exquisite buys. As for foodies, the Borough Market is the place to be on Thursdays to Saturdays. The Camden Markets are open on all days of the week to provide you those fancy handmade crafts and alternative fashions.

After your London shopping spree, and afternoon tea would be nice at the Grosvenor’s House which is one of the largest private houses located at Park lane in Mayfair district. An evening in the city can also be enjoyed in the London theater where there are various shows staged on any given night.

There are plenty more to see and experience in the grand city of London. Just explore our site to learn more of the city’s sights and sounds. So what are your London itineraries?