The city of dreams

The Seven Noses

12 Jun 2021

The year was 1997. An artist named Rick Buckley made molds of his nose and scattered them across the energetic and vibrant streets of Soho. In the mood for a treasure hunt? According to the legend, if you find all seven noses, great fortune is yours.

Saint Aymes Cafe; One of London's Most Attractive Cafes

6 May 2021

Saint Aymes Cafe is near Marble Arch, close to Hyde Park. Getting there is easy, making you believe it's a well-known coffee shop. But it's not. If you're a coffee aficionado who wants a fix of unicorn cakes in an Instagram-friendly spot, you must visit this cafe.

Chelsea Physic Garden

12 Mar 2021

Hidden in a corner in London, somewhere between King's Road, Albert Bridge, and Chelsea Embankment is Chelsea Physic Garden. It's the oldest botanical garden in London where you can find admirable layouts of the area's different sections. There, you'll also find the tallest olive tree, a tranquil pond rockery, and monumental statues.